Christopher Krull, DPT PRC

Owner and Doctor of Krull Clinic, PC

Chris was born and raised in North Platte. He is married to Rochelle and they have 2 children Maddie and Bryson. Chris went to NPHS, Mid Plains, UNK and Creighton University for his studies.

Wanted a career in medicine and the idea to get Sports Rehab to get athletes back into their sport intrigued me. Throughout Graduate school, that expanded into the desire to get others back to normal life.

Around 2000 I was introduced to Rehab Philosophy of Postural Restoration and after many years of continuing education and clinical practice. I received the Specialization of Postural Restoration Certified (PRC) in 2014. In 2015 Chris opened this area up to being the only Certified Postural Restoration Center which completed a long-term professional goal.


Kerri Ross-Walther, P.E.M.F Practitioner

Owner of Happy People Tails and Trails, LLC

Hello, my name is Kerri Ross-Walther and I am a P.E.M.F Practitioner at Krull Clinic and Physical Therapy and owner of the business of Happy People Tails and Trails LLC. I am passionate about helping people and animals with wellness of their body and addressing pain and inflammation that has occurred.

“Pulsed Electro-magnetic Fields” is a holistic approach to recharge and rebalance the body to go back to a more natural state before injury or illness.

PEMF works by sending energy through a coil to generate a gently pulsating field to stimulate muscles,tendons,and ligaments. The pulse can travel down to a cellular level! Benefits of PEMF include increased circulation, increased oxygen content, and reduced inflammation. It is a complete pain free and drug free way to bring relief to your body and restore natural balance in your body.


Delaney Love, Licensed Esthetician

Hello! I’m Delaney Love, a licensed esthetician with a passion for helping others feel radiant and confident. I graduated from Xenon Academy in June 2023, where I developed my skills and learned about various aspects of beauty and wellness. My specialties include skincare, waxing, and makeup, where I enjoy crafting personalized experiences for each client. These services help them look and feel their best, fostering self-assurance and positivity.

In addition to my main areas of expertise, I also style hair on the side, offering clients complete transformations. I find immense satisfaction in seeing the joy and confidence on my clients’ faces when they leave my care, feeling more beautiful and assured in themselves. Helping people embrace their natural beauty and feel empowered is truly the most rewarding part of my career.


"Krull Clinic not only helps their patients during their physical therapy sessions but prepares the person for life after therapy and how to remain healthy. They truly care about your well being and setting you up for successful recovery."

Scott Martin

"Great experience! Would highly recommended Kris."

Emily Aldinger

"Good stuff, comprehensive and looks out for entire health."

Richard Seward III

"Good caring service, enough said."

Matt Mathias

Krull Clinic, PC

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